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    Fox Village Dressage is a fully functional dressage show management & scoring application. It has been designed with the experience and know-how of some of the top show secretaries, managers, and organizers in the United States and Canada. Now you can manage your competitions from beginning to end. From a schooling show or pony club rally to an international FEI CDI*** with wireless instant scoring capabilities in the judges' booths. Our goal is for this program to make your life easier, organized and more fun!

  • News

    Version 1.0.5 was released today (April 16, 2014). We all know how hectic it can get in the show office while scoring tests - especially with multiple rings and judges - tests are flying in and you're trying to stay organized. Well, we have a solution for you!! Release 1.0.5 contains a brand new feature which allows you to use a barcode reader in scoring. New versions of test labels feature a barcode so you can quickly scan a test and instantly get to the correct scoring form while using instant scoring. Barcode Download and Instructional Site

  • Foxvillage 2014 1.0.0 was released today (January 14, 2014). In addition to downloading the main program file, please also download the blank show template file so the changes to the show database for creating a new show can be implemented. FVD 2014 incorporates a slightly updated refresh to the look and feel of the program as well as many internal feature updates. Canadian customers can now cross check their data with Equestrian Canada's membership database and automatically submit their results. No more ECRIT or SECRET!!

  • By popular request, the Ride Times and Results now pushes up additional HORSE information, such as breeder, owner, breed, etc. We have many more exciting features coming to online tools in the upcoming weeks!!

  • We have received a few calls regarding FVD crashing when importing entries. We have found that this is caused by Adobe Reader XI. You can read how to resolve this issue, but visiting our Adobe Reader Security page.

  • Katherine Walcott wrote an article for USDF about Fox Village Dressage. You can view her blog by clicking on the image below.

  • What's New

    We released Update 1.2.3 as of Nov 2013!

  • We added more detail to the Entry Confirmation Service including the needs list, stable fee detail, other fee detail and payment detail as of May 2013! We also added color coding on the Entry Confirmation Dashboad and a service to handle bad e-mails. You will now get an e-mail listing the show name, the entry number and the offending email.

  • We launched our new entry confirmation web service as of Mar 2013!