08/15 - KLDA Bronze at Cedarlane

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Rider Old Format
Baldini, Alicia (click here)
Bell, Erica (click here)
Bengough, Michael (click here)
Campbell, Kylie (click here)
Dalley, Meaghan (click here)
Dobson, Bonita (click here)
Harris, Alexandria (click here)
Hoppe, Lori (click here)
Jewell-Ellicott, Melissa (click here)
Koenig, Brenda (click here)
Mark, Cindy (click here)
McKeen, Alice (click here)
McKeen, Jennifer (click here)
McKinley, Marshal (click here)
Murray, Nancy (click here)
Osborne, Jennifer (click here)
Popovici, Christiane (click here)
Quinn, Margje (click here)
Rae, Sarah (click here)
Ramsey, Suzanne (click here)
Reynolds, Alexandra (click here)
Rizner, Emily (click here)
Rutherford, Stephanie (click here)
Sjolin, Erika (click here)
Stephenson, Katie (click here)
Tamburro, Debbie (click here)
Tellier, Nicole (click here)
Thompson, Nancy (click here)
Trudeau, Miranda (click here)
Welsh, Sally (click here)
Wynd, Kimberly (click here)

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