Fresno CDS-SHS Schooling Show

Horse Old Format
A Lexus At Last (click here)
Aengus (click here)
All About Legs (click here)
Apollo (click here)
Bittersweet (click here)
Cherokee (click here)
Coco Chanel (click here)
Come By Chance (click here)
Darby (click here)
Donabella (click here)
Educated Guess (click here)
Ellie May (click here)
Hallmark Twice Forgiven (click here)
Hats Off Tee You (click here)
High Voltage (click here)
Ingrato Jle (click here)
Jackpot (click here)
Kenzington (click here)
Kristina (click here)
Max (click here)
Myte Please (click here)
Ollie (click here)
Paloma (click here)
Pepper (click here)
Quartermaster C (click here)
Remington Mc (click here)
Son Of A Smooth Cat (click here)
Topwhiz Spun Gold (click here)
Vital Hancock (click here)
Vodka and Ice (click here)
Windsor (click here)
Zephyr (click here)

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