Kawartha Summer Classic

Horse Old Format
Adventure Capital (click here)
Amika (click here)
Apollo (click here)
Be (click here)
Becks (click here)
Benson (click here)
Bogarmisch (click here)
Bring It On (click here)
Carlucci (click here)
Chaussette (click here)
Cosmos (click here)
Danearius (click here)
Dartara (click here)
Denali (click here)
Do Re Mi (click here)
Donnerlitchen (click here)
Duncan (click here)
Elektra II (click here)
Fabregas (click here)
Farley (click here)
Figo 6 (click here)
Finessa (click here)
For Freedom 4 (click here)
For Fun (click here)
Galileo (click here)
Gizmo (click here)
Grand Slam (click here)
Grantstown Ranger (click here)
Guadalupano (click here)
Hamlet DC (click here)
Kingston (click here)
Kismet (click here)
L A's Atlantica (click here)
L Dorado (click here)
Lady Bug (click here)
Laurencio (click here)
Longmorn (click here)
Quinley (click here)
Radar (click here)
Rhiannon (click here)
Rio's Jewel (click here)
Roberto Cavalli (click here)
Rock My Lady (click here)
Romanov (click here)
Rosamunde (click here)
Rubirondo (click here)
Santino Tyme (click here)
Simsalabim (click here)
Sol Tigh (click here)
The Bodyguard (click here)
Tir Na Nog (click here)
Tracker (click here)
Tundra (click here)
Victorious (click here)
Viktoria (click here)
Wild Heart (click here)
Wrazzmatazz (click here)
Yankee's Spirit (click here)

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