VDRC Dressage and Hack Show

Horse Old Format
Akceptional IA (click here)
Andy (click here)
At Last (click here)
Bellatrix (click here)
Bling (click here)
Bolero (click here)
Braw Lad (click here)
Caspar (click here)
Cherry Creek Zipper Poppi (click here)
Cleopatra (click here)
Come Dancing AA (click here)
Crossrail A Fairy Tale (click here)
DiNero (click here)
Doortje Subtilia (click here)
Egyptian Cotton (click here)
Elske (click here)
Enegro Subtilia (click here)
Farasie (click here)
Flynn (click here)
Forget-Me-Not (click here)
Foxy Lady (click here)
Freedom Wind Chicara (click here)
Freestyle (click here)
GeeGee (click here)
Genevieve's Stardust (click here)
Hennessy (click here)
Jake (click here)
Jewel (click here)
JJ's Seal of a Deal (click here)
Lyla (click here)
Malibu (click here)
Model Citizen (click here)
Moulin Rouge (click here)
Open Verdict (click here)
Oslo (click here)
Parker (click here)
Pavel (click here)
Qurious George (click here)
Royal Subtilia (click here)
Salishan (click here)
Sansira (click here)
Saphira (click here)
Sizzlin Hot Spot (click here)
Sky (click here)
Southern Xpression (click here)
Stryder (click here)
Summer (click here)
Synergy's Gandalf The Grey (click here)
Thurlow (click here)
Tia (click here)
Winchester (click here)
Zoe (click here)

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