2018 Dressage Championships

Horse Old Format
Amplified (click here)
Apollo (click here)
Apple Pie (click here)
Aram's Moon (click here)
Baronial Blooming Star (click here)
Be (click here)
Beaujolais (click here)
Biasini (click here)
Brilliante V (click here)
Brixton (click here)
Buckley (click here)
Cairus (click here)
Carlucci (click here)
Charissma (click here)
Ciao Bella (click here)
Cosmos (click here)
Dartara (click here)
Daystar (click here)
Denali (click here)
Diplomat JEF (click here)
Divine Design (click here)
Don Dion (click here)
Donnegan (click here)
Dorado (click here)
Dreikasehoch (click here)
Elektra II (click here)
Fabregas (click here)
Fancianna (click here)
First Lady (click here)
Fling (click here)
Floriano 3 (click here)
Fuerst Gemini (click here)
Gatsby (click here)
Georgie (click here)
Givarro (click here)
Guadalupano (click here)
Halcyon (click here)
Harrington (click here)
Hera (click here)
Jack of Diamonds (click here)
Kingston (click here)
Kismet (click here)
Lady Darina (click here)
Longmorn (click here)
Mandela (click here)
My Happiness (click here)
Phoenix (click here)
Qaro GS (click here)
Remmington (click here)
Reserection B (click here)
Rhiannon (click here)
Rock My Lady (click here)
Rodillo IV (click here)
Royal Edition (click here)
Sam I Am (click here)
Shanghai Fury (click here)
Snickers (click here)
Spartacus (click here)
Splash (click here)
Summer Breeze (click here)
Tallulah (click here)
Tracker (click here)
Valentinus (click here)
Victorious (click here)
Viva's Salinjow (click here)
Waldires (click here)
Wexford (click here)
Wienu M (click here)
Yankee's Spirit (click here)

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