2018 June Gathering and Show

Horse Old Format
Acres of Kittens (Kitty) (click here)
Avalonn (click here)
Chargers Vanilla Frosted (click here)
Cloud Nine (click here)
Cool Dallas Breeze (click here)
Doc's Champion (click here)
Dosa (click here)
Fargo (click here)
Hey Gorgeous George (click here)
Hobbys Haagen Dazs (click here)
Ikes Blue Spear (click here)
Ima Big Star (click here)
Jessie (click here)
Joe (click here)
Johnny Boy (click here)
Josie (click here)
KD Kiss Me Kate (click here)
King Bars Baron (click here)
Laggs (click here)
Larkins Poco Tivio (click here)
Leroy (click here)
Let's Just Win It (click here)
Lil Mo Boonshine (click here)
Lucky (Mule) (click here)
Murphy (click here)
My Rusty Version (click here)
Oak Please "Chunk" (click here)
Renos Lil Ruf Chance (click here)
Roxy Bug (click here)
Runnin' Block (click here)
Scirocco's Rose Renee (click here)
Smoke Stack (Willy) (click here)
Smokey (click here)
Solano's Painted Lady (click here)
Spurs that Sparkle (click here)
Sugar (click here)
Sugar N Sass (Sassi) (click here)
Summer Wind (click here)
Tater McGuire (click here)
Tucker Six Choice (click here)
Winters Flame (click here)
ZW Tardee to Class (click here)

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