A Touch of Class Dressage Show 2018

Horse Old Format
Aragon (click here)
Atletico (click here)
Bakerview Horatio (click here)
Barcelona (click here)
Beauty (click here)
Bjorn H (click here)
Bravia (click here)
Bravito (click here)
Bronco (click here)
Carcena (click here)
Carolina (click here)
Chianti (click here)
Connaisseur (click here)
Cooper (click here)
Coquette (click here)
Dantesse (click here)
Davina Royale (click here)
Dianna Minette (click here)
Doortje Subtilia (click here)
DRF Cavello 1 (click here)
Echo's River D (click here)
Euros (click here)
Ezra (click here)
Fahrenheit P (click here)
Fancet (click here)
Fascinacion (click here)
Fibonacci (click here)
Fiesta (click here)
Flash (click here)
Fortitude MS (click here)
Gatillo (click here)
Goldanna (click here)
Golden Boy (click here)
Gulliver (click here)
Harriette (click here)
Hennesy (click here)
Heroico Del C (click here)
Holly Golightly (click here)
Hope's Promise (click here)
Incendio CW (click here)
Interdale (click here)
Jovani NSN (click here)
Life of Reilly (click here)
Lotus (click here)
Mohave (click here)
Montanna (click here)
Navar (click here)
Oakland's Saphira (click here)
Passchendaele (click here)
Picture Perfect (click here)
Ponykins (click here)
Presario (click here)
Quinlan (click here)
Raisin (click here)
Rataxus (click here)
Regal Desire (click here)
Riviera II (click here)
Roman (click here)
Royal Subtilia (click here)
Sahara (click here)
Scout (click here)
Silvana's Fantasy (click here)
Sixth Sense (click here)
Solana (click here)
Sydney (click here)
Tazara (click here)
Teodoro (click here)
Tony (click here)
Topbility (click here)
Treffer (click here)
VA Alejo (click here)
VA Manoletes Ysabela (click here)
VA Sorpresa (click here)
Vajeur (click here)
Valdero (click here)
Vancouver (click here)
Vanjalie (click here)
W'Inga (click here)
Waldprinz (click here)
Westpointe (click here)
Whitman GP (click here)
Wi Dance Again (click here)
Wilhelm (click here)
Yellowstone Red Cloud (click here)

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