Canadian Cup Dressage Festival 2018

Horse Old Format
Aragon (click here)
Arizona (click here)
Badger's Sting (click here)
Bling (click here)
Bravega (click here)
Brazil (click here)
Bronco (click here)
Burlesque (click here)
CafE Vienna (click here)
Capataz (click here)
Carcena (click here)
CF Rascal I (click here)
Chianti (click here)
Cleopatra (click here)
Demi (click here)
Di Scansano (click here)
Dior (click here)
Echo's River D (click here)
Euros (click here)
Evermore (click here)
Fibonacci (click here)
Flash (click here)
Flynn Eagan (click here)
Focus DG (click here)
For Paradox (click here)
Forget Me Not (click here)
Frodo (click here)
FV Rainstorm Romance (click here)
Genuine (click here)
Goldanna (click here)
Harriette (click here)
Hendrix (click here)
HermEs DSP (click here)
High Regard (click here)
Holly Golightly (click here)
Hubba Bubba (click here)
I Go Furst (click here)
Indy (click here)
Janegro (click here)
Kokopelli (click here)
Lotus (click here)
Mohave (click here)
Montanna (click here)
Northern Lilly (click here)
Omnii (click here)
Outlaw (click here)
Pachino (click here)
Paddy (click here)
Quintaas (click here)
Sahara (click here)
Sapollo (click here)
Sara-Mae (click here)
Singing in the Shower (click here)
Sixth Sense (click here)
Special Effect (click here)
Stanley (click here)
Sugar Baby (click here)
Sun Fire (click here)
Taylor Made Chaps (click here)
Time to Tango (click here)
Tony (click here)
Top Pica Badger (click here)
Treffer (click here)
VA Sorpresa (click here)
Vancouver (click here)
Wesley (click here)
Westpointe (click here)
Wi Dance Again (click here)

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