Gold and Silver Dressage at Centaur Spring 2018

Horse Old Format
Ally Belly (click here)
Bangarang (click here)
Buckley (click here)
Charm (click here)
Dark Velvet (click here)
Dayna (click here)
Delgado (click here)
Delight (click here)
Deniros Tyme (click here)
Diadem (click here)
Diamanda CRS (click here)
Don Deimos (click here)
Dunedin (click here)
Far Out (click here)
Fiderflash (click here)
Flora (click here)
Heart Throb (click here)
Herdeiro Santana (click here)
Hollywood (click here)
I Won An Oscar (click here)
Irish Park's Diamond (click here)
Khaleesi (click here)
Land Of Opportunity (click here)
Margo (click here)
Mica (click here)
Milky Way (click here)
Montego Bay (click here)
Mr Navar (click here)
November Rain (click here)
Paint misbehavin' (click here)
Popcorn (click here)
Rocky Raccoon (click here)
Roxy (click here)
Sephora (click here)
Snickers (click here)
Soleil (click here)
Sonata's Song (click here)
Watchkeeper 1 (click here)

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