2018 Extreme Stables and Tack Summer Extravaganza

Horse Old Format
7 (click here)
A Little Bit of Something (click here)
Affinity's Rey de la Noche (click here)
Amadeus (click here)
Amore (click here)
Apollo (click here)
Baby Doll (click here)
Ben (click here)
Benmark (click here)
Beyond the Shadows (click here)
Big Jim (click here)
Black Pearl (click here)
Blaze (click here)
Blu By You (click here)
Buck or Two (click here)
Buttercup (click here)
Caspian (click here)
Casual Conduct (click here)
Cazeno (click here)
Champagne & Roses (click here)
Chivalry (click here)
Corey (click here)
Cosmic (click here)
Count (click here)
Dancer (click here)
Dave (click here)
Davinci (click here)
DD (click here)
Defender (click here)
Dishin' Out Daddy's Dollars (click here)
Duke (click here)
Eddie Better (click here)
El Padre (click here)
Eli (click here)
Elvis (click here)
First Edition (click here)
Fizzy (click here)
Gaelic Green (click here)
Geisha (click here)
Gemini (click here)
Gunner's Blueboy (click here)
Heathcliff (click here)
Hera's Angel (click here)
Hopper (click here)
Huckleberry Chex (click here)
Impromptu (click here)
Indigo (click here)
Invisable Ink (click here)
Ivy (click here)
Ixtapa (click here)
Jake (click here)
Jem (click here)
Joey (click here)
Johnny (click here)
July (click here)
Justice (click here)
Kelvin (click here)
Khavalier (click here)
Kid Can Do (click here)
Lady Luck (click here)
Lark's Liam (click here)
Like A Girl (click here)
Lucas (click here)
Lucy (click here)
Lucy (click here)
Lunar Eclipse (click here)
Maid Marion RF (click here)
Matt Dillon (click here)
McKinley (click here)
Mercedz (click here)
Mouse (click here)
Mystic Meg (click here)
No Jack (click here)
Nody But Nice (click here)
Not Dun But Smokin (click here)
Not Just Dreaming (click here)
O Shianne (click here)
Odyssey (click here)
Pandemonium ES (click here)
Penelope (click here)
Phancy (click here)
PK Sputnik (click here)
Poe (click here)
Popeye (click here)
Rebel Without a Cause (click here)
Regal Jewel II (click here)
Rhumba (click here)
Riley (click here)
Rolex (click here)
Rory (click here)
Ruby (click here)
Rush (click here)
Russell (click here)
Sahara (click here)
Samba (click here)
San Siro (click here)
Sanny (click here)
Senator (click here)
Senji (click here)
Shorty (click here)
Sienna (click here)
Silly (click here)
Silverwind (click here)
Simon (click here)
Simple Addiction (click here)
Simply Irresistable II (click here)
Sir Charles (click here)
Skip En Kandi (click here)
Slow Burn (click here)
Solly Pop (click here)
Sparky (click here)
Spring (click here)
Starbucks Golden Eyes (click here)
Sugar Plum Fairy (click here)
Touch of Class (click here)
Toy Story (click here)
Triton (click here)
Troubador (click here)
Tucker (click here)
Tuxedo (click here)
Ulterra Felicity (click here)
Very Vegas (click here)
Volcanic (click here)
Wait For Me (Mimi) (click here)
Weststrade (click here)
Whirlwind WF (click here)
Whiskey Whisper (click here)
Willie (click here)
With Eloquence (click here)
WKM Gentleman Joe (click here)
Wonderboy (click here)

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