Kamloops Dressage Show 2018

Horse Old Format
Aerowynn (click here)
Allegro (click here)
Ariwyn (click here)
Arrow Solevia (click here)
Barolo V (click here)
Casanara (click here)
Casper (click here)
Cherry Creeks' Little Man (click here)
Damsel Fly (click here)
Di Nero (click here)
Diva (click here)
Dixon (click here)
Doortje Subtilia (click here)
Egyptian Cotton (click here)
Enegro Subtilia (click here)
Foose (click here)
Footprint NR (click here)
Freedom Winds Chicara (click here)
Gondolero Arems II (click here)
Gracioso (click here)
Graf's Casanova (click here)
High Fidelity (click here)
Hoennerups Fudosa (click here)
IMA Golden Encounter (click here)
Jewel (click here)
Lacy (click here)
Latina (click here)
Maraschino (click here)
Mastermind DMV (click here)
Model Citizen (click here)
Moulin Rouge (click here)
Pavel (click here)
Pavel (click here)
Raisin (click here)
Rianna (click here)
Riviera II (click here)
Royal Subtilia (click here)
Samarkand (click here)
Save (click here)
Sergei (click here)
Sir Synerzied (click here)
Solana (click here)
Stryder (click here)
Synergy's Gandalf the Grey (click here)
Touch of Class (click here)
Viola (click here)
Winchester (click here)
Windcatcher DMV (click here)
Zoe (click here)

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