• Fox Village Dressage Support

  • Your initial purchase of the software includes the annual license fee and any support needed to help install, setup and general assistance getting started with the software. E-mail and/or bulletin board support is available free of charge.

  • Additional telephone support will now be available on a pre-paid basis using PayPal to order a support ticket to setup a time for support.

  • On-Line Support

    Your first line of help should be to use our on-line trouble shooting page to try to resolve your issue.

  • Discussion Board Support

    Your second line of help should be to use our on-line Discussion Board to post questions about the program. We monitor the discussion board regularly and there are other users that make regular use of it that should be able to answer questions for you.

  • Direct E-mail Support

    Your third line of help should be to e-mail us directly at helpdesk@foxvillage.com. We will try to respond with in 1-2 business days.

  • Telephone Support

    Your fourth line of help should be to set up a telephone support session. Please purchase a support ticket, then contact us by e-mail at helpdesk@foxvillage.com to setup a telephone support session. We will reply to your e-mail as soon as possible, indicating a good time to call. You can then call us as arranged.

  • The support tickets are available in 30 min. time blocks for $25 USD each.

  • Please pay by credit card using PayPal.