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  • Fox Village Dressage 2019 Update 1.0.1, 1/7/2019

    This update added Suspension Details for USEF Horse Information and USEF Individual/Organization Information in Entries, added Suspension Details to the USEF Safe Sport Training report, changed the USEF Membership Verification - Individual/Organization and USEF Safe Sport Training reports to sort by last name and first name, and added an error message if the USEF number is not valid and no records were returned from USEF Information service.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2019 Update 1.0.0, 11/26/2018

    This is the initial version for 2019. It includes: expanding the USEF Post Competition report to include USDF data, adding the Ride Detail Summary report, adding the Auto Fill Trainer check box in Show Preferences to turn on/off automatic fill of the Trainer on the Entry form, adding the Hold check box on the Entry form to indicate that there is a hold on the entry - the Hold check box appears on the Scoring Day Sheets and Ring Steward's report, adding Emergency Contact information to the Entry form - the Emergency Contact appears on the Stable and Tack Stall cards, adding the ability to choose the time interval (5 - 15 minutes) for uploading the show results, checking for extra decimals after each mark is updated on the Scoring form, adding the Show Fee Summary and Payment Type Summary reports instead of printing the forms, update to the USEF eScores Universal Template export to the 2019 specifications, update to Equine Canada's web services URLs to use HTTPS, adding a count to the bottom of the Entry by Rider, Horse, Owner, Trainer and Coach reports, update to the USEF Membership Verification feature to the 2019 specifications - which includes a new Sport Horse Training report and adding USEF Membership Verification / Information database lookups for Horse, Owner, Rider, Trainer and Coach on the Entry form.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2018 Update 1.0.3, 3/20/2018

    This update fixed rounding issues on FEI eScores penalties and team scores, added a Rider's Email List report, added EE Tracking # to the Other Fees/Payments tab on the Entry form, added PARENT to the Other eScores Export file.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2018 Update 1.0.2, 12/27/2017

    This update fixed an issue with USDF Freestyle Eligibility feature and added the time along with the date to all reports.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2018 Update 1.0.1, 12/14/2017

    This update fixed an issue with importing online entries.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2018 Update 1.0.0, 12/12/2017

    This is the initial version for 2018. It includes: adding the PARENT USEF reason code to the USEF Expiratation drop-down for people to be included in the USEF eScores export file, adding a warning to stabling fees on the Entry form to only enter 1 for the quantity for stabling stalls and tack stalls, adding Equestrian Entries entry number to the Entry form, adding Vaccine and Vaccine Expiration date for the horse on the Entry form, Confirmation reports and Confirmation service, adding a Description for the breaks in scheduling that will print on the day sheets, adding a Scoring Office Day Sheet designed to help the scoring office keep track of the status of tests, adding an Awards report, adding the show name and day to the Media reports so they can be used as summaries for the prior day(s), adding an feature that checks the USDF database for USDF Freestyle Eligibility, adding a Microchip number field for the horse, fixing an issue with the class breaks and break records being out of sync, adding the ability to enter team results for FEI eScores, and additional changes to the FEI eScores for 2018.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2017 Update 1.0.5, 7/11/2017

    This update added a warning to the Show Fee form regarding deleting show fees after publishing the show, added Cowboy Dressage High Score report, fixed tab order on Dressage Event form and modified FEI eScores per to FEI requirements.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2017 Update 1.0.4, 5/2/2017

    This update fixed the USEF Non-members Report to include the new USEF code "SP" instead of the old code "NM".

  • Fox Village Dressage 2017 Update 1.0.3, 3/20/2017

    This update fixed organization labels for memberships (local 2 level & local 3 level ) to correctly show on the Owner section of the Horse form, removed duplicate scores for Young Horse Assessment tests for FEI eScores, fixed the artistic marks numbering of freestyle test for para-dressage FEI eScores and added the ability to print the Class Schedule - Judge Assignment report by day.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2017 Update 1.0.2, 2/22/2017

    This update fixes an issue with requiring a country for the judge when publishing the show.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2017 Update 1.0.1, 2/21/2017

    This update includes the new FEI eScores feature. (Please contact us regarding licensing for this new feature) Additionally this update includes new changes to the Equine Canada Horse Information form and Rider Information form. Needs Measurement and Photo Required have been added to the EC Horse Information form and Medically Suspended has been added to the EC Rider Information form. Added Linked Files so you can view the currently linked file paths and changed the layout of Show Information, Show Preferences and Classes form among other things.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2017 Update 1.0.0, Beta-Release

    This was the beta-release for 2017 as we worked through issues with the FEI eScores feature.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.1.6, 7/26/2016

    This update includes the 2017 USEF eScores according to the 2017 USEF Universal Template, added/deleted membership reasons to the USEF Expiration Date field for Riders, Owners, Trainers and Coaches, combines the Other eScores feature with the USEF eScores feature since the Other eScores is based on the USEF Universal Template allowing updates to be more easily maintained.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.1.5, 7/26/2016

    This update fixed a security issue with the Equine Canada eScores upload, fixed the manual error calculator and added JAS to the USEF Expiration Date field of the horse and included JAS on the USEF Post Competition report.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.1.4, 7/19/2016

    This update added an error message to the Online Entries Import process that will identify the entry number and horse/person that has a membership number that is already in the user's horse and rider database and indicates to the user how to find and fix the problem; changed the verbage from Instant Scoring to Standard Scoring to eliminate confusion with eScribing; added the 2% and custom error calculator to manual scoring similar to stardard scoring; added instructions for the show URL's in show information; added the ability to update the show registration information after the show has been registered; fixed the Equine Canada eScores upload process that was broken by recent Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 updates; requires the application to be the latest version/update in order to activate a new license key.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.1.3, 4/20/2016

    This update fixed an error when printing the Entry Invoice from the Entry form that was caused by the previous update.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.1.2, 4/19/2016

    This update added validation for stable and entry dates when publishing a show, added sort options to Entry Invoices and Breed Show Roster reports, added Entry By report for Rider, Horse, Owner, Trainer and Coach, fixed an error when scanning bar codes and the ride does not exist, added Passport Return Signature to the Horse Inspection report, Added Ring to the Place/Rank form and fixed the Technical Score width on the Class Score report.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.1.1, 3/15/2016

    This update displays ALL available fields of the person record on the Rider, Owner, Trainer and Coach forms.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.1.0, 2/4/2016

    This update fixed the Multi-Judge sheet to show errors with a decimal.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.0.9, 12/29/2015

    This update fixed the Ribbon Report to exclude breaks, added a 2% and error calculator to the scoring from for new FEI tests and added Trainer and Coach to the Schedule Conflicts.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.0.8, 9/1/2015

    This update fully removes the old Unlicensed Copy mode from the application and fixes the margins on the Class List Report.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.0.7, 8/25/2015

    This update replaced the Null Error with a more appropriate error message for unknown errors occurring for USEF, EC, AHA and Other eScores, added more conversions for special characters for web services, removed currency symbol ($) for all forms and reports, fixed rounding of scores for USEF, EC, AHA and Other eScores, changed Publish Show reports to display even if there are errors, so you can look for the errors, added instructions to Equine Canada eScores form regarding failed uploads and what to do and fixed score overlap on Score Report.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.0.6, 6/23/2015

    This update added Credit Card Type, Credit Card Number / Check Number and Expiration Date to the Entry Payment Report, fixed field widths on Multi-Judge form and Scoring Report and enlarged field widths on Test Editor to accommodate two decimal places.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.0.5, 4/21/2015

    This update added 'Entry (Lookup)' to the Multi-Judge Sheets form, added a check box to open the Multi-Judge Sheets with the barcode scanner feature, added eScribe Mode to replace the now legacy Scoring Add-on (FVDS), Removed HC exclusion on Scroing form for Term Reason Validation, fixed error in USDF export file (chrTermReason) and fixed the reports to stop printing duplex (double-sided) by default.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.0.4, 1/8/2015

    This update fixed total raw score with decimals, stardardized some of the form and report naming and requires the show payment information when publishing a show for on-line entries.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.0.3, 12/23/2014

    This update fixed the time column widths in Ring Steward Reports, Announcer Reports and Handwritten Score Sheets. Fixed the total score format for Final Scoring Reports and High Score Reports. Updated the link to USEF Class Codes for eScores. Corrected the report titles for Media Scoring Reports. Renamed the Scratch-Sub Report to Scratches Not Subbed Report.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.0.2, 12/11/2014

    This update fixed the time column widths in Scheduling for the Class, Rider and Horse Conflicts form and also fixed the organizational names to be uploaded as part of the show registration in order for online confirmations to display correctly.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.0.1, 12/3/2014

    This update fixed an error in the confirmation upload.

  • Fox Village Dressage 2015 Update 1.0.0, 12/1/2014

    This was the original version for 2015.